Are YOU The Real Deal?

I came across the following article from @louimbriano who despite being a BC guy seems to be fairly intelligent and thoughtful. (Go BU!)

To summarize it seems he was writing the article in response to the fact that there are lots of folks in sports business and business as a whole who talk the talk but can’t or don’t walk the walk. They’re all style no substance and he wrote a nice list of how to identify these folks. If you pay attention to their actions and ask yourself the questions he asks you should be able to determine who is the real deal.

These people absolutely exist.  His concerns are on point. His list is on point.

My concern though is when we look at others we are ignoring the possibility that in some circumstance’s we’re the problem. Not because we don’t know our stuff not because we don’t take care of our own business but because we don’t foster an environment that encourages those around us to do so.

It’s nice to think that superstar employees, co-workers and partners will perform in any situation. Its not unfounded. In business we need to have personal responsibility. However i think we’re being naive if we don’t think the way we handle our relationships with others effects the way they perform in relation to you.

So i ask you to ask these questions of yourself to make sure YOU are the real deal (and i invite you to come up with your own).

1) You’ve just asked or told someone something. They’ve disagreed with you, or they’ve had some questions about the information/assignment. Do you examine these questions,suggestions and disagreements thoughtfully or simply find ways to reject their points?

2)When someone says perhaps I’m not the best person for this job do you automatically think less of them? Even when they are correct? Do you think about could i find someone better or simply give them better resource to enable them to better do the job?

3)Someone agrees to do something for you and realizes it might not get done on deadline. They keep you informed of their progress but its not going well for very legitimate reasons. Do you write them off or consider would someone else have really done a better job and what you could have done to ensure better results?

4)How do you react when someone tells you the truth? Does it benefit them in the short term and or long term to exaggerate, stretch the truth or flat lie?

Over time you’ll find if you foster a culture of honesty and openness you’ll find that’s what you get. If you support those you work with by giving them the resources they need to accomplish their goals you’ll find they meet their goals more often. You’ll find when YOU are truly the real deal you’ll be surrounded more often by those who are.

As Lou so rightly pointed out it won’t always be the case, “there are certain self absorbed folks that no matter how you treat them it really doesn’t matter.”

But when we’ve examined ourselves it’ll be that much easier to recognize those who truly need to be avoided. And you’ll have no remorse in doing so.


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