Did Nickelodean Really Change it’s Logo to Look Good on Business Cards?

Bye, Bye, Splat

Bye, Bye, Splat

I first heard Nickelodeon was changing its logo yesterday on twitter and initially i thought hmmm curious. The article i read initially talked about mostly the technical side of it; specifically about unifying the brands and making sure all the stations include the name Nick in it. Sounded like a decent idea… if they had done that originally.

Not having done it originally it seemed like a needless waste of money to go back and do it. Is anyone really going to make a deal with Nick or watch their stations more because of a new logo and names? probably not.

Then I read the following quote on a Fast Company article (that came from the Variety article) and my head started to spin a bit…

“The decision to streamline the network identities came after [Nickelodeon execs] started putting all of the channels’ logos on the same business card–and decided that it looked like a mess.”

Really? We’re making the changes because the logos look like a mess on business cards???

Strategic rebranding isn’t a bad thing. The car makers in the US needed to loss a few brands and redefine what their current ones were all about. Nickelodean? Admittedly  I can’t speak much to specifics of their business but i can’t imagine lack of cool business cards was on top of the list of their problems…


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