CSR is nice, but just give me good phone service

AT&T is running a commercial (at least online) where it talks about how they’re switching their trucks to American trucks and running them on natural gas.

All “socially-conscious” stuff.

I get it… CSR is in right now. I get that the commercial was being played before an online video of a person being interviewed about socially conscious stuff. I get that the ad spend was probably not nearly as much as a comparative tv spot. So it was hitting on a trend, it was well targeted and relatively speaking cost effective.

So it was a great ad right? I’m not so sure.

You’re advertising for telecommunications company; phone, TV, etc. While being socially conscious is good, and may cause me to differentiate between low cost items (like cereal) I have trouble thinking someones going to choose to switch to a new cellphone service based on what kind of trucks AT&T uses.

I’ll bet they even did surveys that said people were morely likely to use AT&T products after seeing these commercials. But remember, more likely doesn’t always mean likely.


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