Be a Yes Man!

When people here the term “yes man” they think of a kiss-ass. Someone who thoughtlessly agrees with everything whether its a good idea or not.

Don’t be that guy.

However, when i say be a yes man i mean it in opposition to being a no man. A no man is quite simply someone who looks for ways to say no. They say things like: this won’t work because, we can’t do this because, there’s no way we can make this happen because, etc etc etc. Whether the idea would be good for the company or not, whether its feasible or not they look for ways to say no. Unless the idea is so foolproof they can’t find holes in it, they’ll look for those holes and seem them as reasons to say no.

Finding ways to say no is easy too. There’s very rarely a perfect idea and even when there is its usually not perfect on the first try. Most times good ideas aren’t easy to accomplish or convenient so its easy to reject them.

Don’t be that guy either.

Instead of finding ways to say no, find ways to say yes. Take those problems and say how can we do something great inspite of them.

When you look for ways to say yes you inspire everyone around you to think big, you encourage them to come up with new ideas and most importantly to share them. Why is this important?  Rarely has a business grown when people just did things as usual.

So be a yes man, or more importantly don’t be a no man.


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