Better Business, Better Sex, Better Life: I’ve Got The Secret!

The only self help blog article you'll ever need!

The only self help blog article you'll ever need!

Want to have a better business?  Better sex? Heck a better life? I’ve got the magic secret! and for this limited one time offer i’m practically giving it away for  Free ninty nine. So make sure to call in now!

So what’s the secret?


I’ve talked plenty (and so has just about everyone else) about social media being great because it helps you listen to consumers. So if you’re a social media/marketing/pr type person you already probably have a good idea how powerful listening can be. However, even if you do have you considered how powerful it can be in employee relations? In customer service? In your love life? heck everywhere in your life?

I was speaking the other day to a teacher who was upset she wasn’t allowed to take a personal day for Passover. She ended up still taking off as a sick day or some other way.  So she got what she wanted but was upset because essentially the Principal hadn’t listened to her concerns and worked with her. The Principal had essentially alienated a good worker for no purpose because he didn’t listen.

Similarly I messed up a hotel reservation on Priceline last week. I had made the reservation last minute and had to change it last minute. The mistake was mine I don’t blame Priceline for that and yet I’m mad at Priceline. Why? Because it seemed they were completely uninterested in listening to my problem and trying to help me.

Think about sex. Aside from maybe gymnasts there aren’t many people who can physically do too many things that everyone else can’t do. Yet some people are better than others. If you’re bad or your partner is bad, and effort isn’t the issue, maybe the issue is really just listening?

It all sounds so simple all you have to do is listen. But surely you have to take some sort of action right? Here’s where the secret REALLY is. No action is required. As long as people feel they are being listened to, as long as they feel like you’re taking their concerns truly under consideration often that will placate them. Often that’s enough.

It’s tough in a world where we’re fighting to be heard, but want a better life?



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