Apparently This Blog is The Shit (or maybe just shit)

Everyone wants to be something or someone. Until recently I had not achieved that.But today i can proudly (?) say I’ve become someone!

Sports marketing guy? business marketing blogger? All around just nice guy? Nope, nope and nope. Apparently I’ve become the Diarrhea guy!

How did i become this and how did i find out i’ve become it?

Well lets start out with how i found out.

Having not written an entry in nearly a week I figured I wouldn’t have much traffic the last week. Yet to my surprise I got a decent amount yesterday. Twice the traffic i’ve gotten in a couple weeks. Naturally i was curious where this was coming from.  So i checked to see if people had been linking back to me. Unfortunately that was mostly not the case.

They had in fact found me through searches. Now normally this would be cool, it’s always nice if your blog is ranking highly in the search engines after all. However then i realized what they were searching for… diarrhea.

Apparently the image i posted for an article on twitterhea aka twitter diarrhea is the first image you get when you search for google images for diarrhea.

I don’t mind personally, if i’m helping people out who are looking for funny photo’s of diarrhea great. I’m just worried people are going to be coming here looking for hot diarrhea photo’s and unfortunately… i just can’t help them out.



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