Is Microsoft Wasting Cash?

Who doesn't like to burn a little cash?

Who doesn't like to burn a little cash?

Microsoft is a company that for years had plenty of cash to spare and i would guess they probably still do. However when I saw their logo on my TV screen during the NCAA tournament this past weekend I couldn’t help but wonder is Microsoft wasting cash?

Let me explain.

On the top lefthand side of the screen CBS shows scores of other games that are taking place at the same time as the one you’re watching. Right next to that they put up microsofts logo. As far as I know they didn’t do other advertising during the games and there wasn’t a message associated with the logo just the logo. Assuming Microsoft paid for this ad/sponsorship, was it really worth it?

Now previously I’ve talked about how sponsorships can work and how I think bigtime ad spends on the Super Bowl can be effective. So the amount of money or the fact that they’re doing the sponsorship isn’t the issue. The real issue is their goals/audience/products.

Back before AIG did a bunch of stupid shit, when they sponsored the Manchester United Jersey it was good. When I see the jersey I think AIG and if I’m thinking about insurance I’ll think AIG. When McDonald’s buys a big billboard alongside the court during tonights Cavs-Wizards game it works. I have a ton of food choices and this brings McDonald’s to the front of my mind.

Yet when I see the Microsoft logo does that make me more likely to buy Vista or install Silverlight? There aren’t a ton of choices, so remembering that Microsoft is around is really not an issue.

The only thing I will say is that the online streaming broadcasts of the games did use Silverlight. So maybe Microsoft didn’t really pay anything as it could have been a trade agreement or as part of a sponsorship package. However that’s fairly doubtful and if they did pay you have to wonder… is Microsoft just wasting cash?


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