Is General Mills Listening?

Previously I wrote about General Mills. I wrote that marketing wise they were running a promotion that was missing a connection. They said on their boxes that they had donated a certain amount to charity which was nice, but they didn’t tie it to anything consumers did. So basically it was a pat on their backs rather then a call to action.

Well guess what I saw on my next box of Multi-Grain Cheerios?

They now said $1 from every box would be donated to get cholesterol monitoring for women in need. Granted it was a somewhat weak cause when compared to say cancer, but its certainly more of a call to action. They even put a code to enter online to fulfill the donation with a nice associated microsite.

Now where they could have gone a little further was to ask for an e-mail address and offer some sort of incentive to continue to interact with them. Whether its continued donation or discounts or I dunno something that would build loyalty they could still do a little better. Heck if heart issues and cholesterol were an issue they wanted to focus on maybe they could build a community around the issue.

That being said I think the General Mills people are getting themselves on the right track and CLEARLY it’s because of my entry. And by clearly I mean I’m sure they figured it out on their own. However i figured if you criticize for bad marketing you should also give praise for good marketing.

nice offer that should encourage purchase

nice offer that should encourage purchase

even a nice little story to go along

even a nice little story to go along


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