Stop Focusing on the Wrong Things

Can you see the focus?

Can you see the focus?

Recently there was a lot of handwringing and shouting about a statement from Robert Scoble an influential tech blogger. He said PR was dead. That the pitching via e-mail method was pretty much a failure since no one pays attention to them.

Now my brief opinion is that he’s wrong in that journalists ASK you to e-mail them and especially if you work for a small company its nearly impossible to get in front of every journalist, blogger, etc you’d like to pitch.

However, the point of this post is not really whether he’s wrong or not. The point is we focus on the wrong things CONSTANTLY.

Should we be focusing on whether he wants to be wined and dined or should we consider why he thinks PR is dead? Is it possible that we can find better ways to do what we’re doing? Maybe we can find better ways to build relationships with journalists that aren’t unethical.  Isn’t that what we should be talking about???

I don’t just mean PR people though cause i’d say PR people actually talk about topics that matter as much if not more then most (they have to be on top of trends after all).

No i mean EVERYONE. From congress harping on the AIG bonuses which amounted to one tenth of a percent of the money we gave them to news organizations focusing on well… pretty much everything they report about.

I could opine about why this is, but the reasons are fairly unimportant.

What’s important is to not get distracted. When you see a topic don’t let emotions, periphery facts and events or even poor wording lead you away from the important issues at hand.

In the end you’re only wasting YOUR time.


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