When You Think Your Company Is Doing The Wrong Thing

If you don’t own your own business unfortunately you don’t get to make all the decisions. That being the case it’s very rare you’re going to agree with all the decisions of which you have little to no control over.Now some you might feel like well they could do things other ways but what we’re doing or not doing is ok too. Other times you feel like they’re absolutely making the wrong decision and started to get frustrated they refuse to change course.

The question is what do you do when that happens?

Back when I was interning I spent two summers at a company with people I for the most part really liked and try to keep in touch with now. However with about a month or so left in my second summer the new GM decided to fire a person I thought was really good at his job and ended up hiring someone he had worked with at his previous company. I was young and perhaps a little naive but I considered quitting on principal.

What I actually did was stuck it out for the rest of the month. While I certainly would have been missed by the other interns and my bosses who depended on me, I would not have been missed by the person I was angry with. In addition it wouldn’t have been good for my reputation or my chances to one day be employed there. While I never was employed there (for several reasons unrelated in any way to this) I think I made the right decision.

Another time I was working for a company that wanted me to do a couple projects but I knew they weren’t the right projects to do. Not because they were bad ideas, but because they weren’t ready to commit the resources necessary to make them successful in the time frame they wanted to get them done. I did the right thing in that I went along and did my best but my mistake was that I didn’t express my concerns loudly enough. In the end this came back to haunt me when the projects didn’t get done on schedule and my superiors wondered why.

I currently have a disagreement on some aspects of a project I’m working on. So I voiced my objections, tried to bring in an outside “expert” resource and now what am I going to do? Go along with it. I’m going to do my best in the areas of which I control to make the project a success.

In the end those are really our only options if you’re not ready to leave which most of us certainly aren’t right now; voice your objections, then once the frustation subsides you get behind the project and do your best to make it successful.

If you do that you may not feel better about what the company is doing but you’ll know you are doing the right thing. Where as if you leave, if you stand on principal, if you try to sabotage the project at the end of the day you’ll only make yourself look bad.


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