Social Media is Great, But What’s Next?

Social Media is great. It’s helping to revolutionize the way companies  interact with their customers and potential customers. People are slowly but surely starting to realize that its really the future (and present) of marketing.

Facebook has over 65 million users and is growing at over 200% in users per year while Twitter’s experiencing growth at a rate of over 1300% a month. There’s still a long way to go for some business’ to fully get it as B.L. Ochman describes well but it seems inevitable that companies will have to jump in to the mix.

However this isn’t really about how good social media is. No this is about what’s next.

Eventually one assumes most companies will adopt social media in some form or another. When that happens the question is what will companies do to be interesting?

At the end of the day Comcast is scoring big right now by being on Twitter and providing customer service because they’re one of the few large companies putting in the time and effort to really try to serve their customers in a personal timely manner. However if Cablevision and Cox jump in and mimic this service will Comcast remain to be interesting?

And if they’re not interesting where do they go from there? Is there anywhere else to go if you’re already interacting with consumers on a one to one basis?

Certainly not all companies will do all the same things, but companies with similar products and customers would seemingly come to similar conclusions on how to reach them.

Maybe it’ll come down to just reaching customers with the info they want about your product when they’re searching for it and letting the products themselves differentiate you? Or maybe it’ll come down to being more creative then your competitors. For years everyone’s had access to TV, Radio, Print etc, but not everyone puts out the same commercials.

Perhaps it doesn’t matter right now. A lot of companies haven’t integrated social media into the mix and even the ones who do are still evolving it, so there’s still a long way to go.  But with the rate of change that evolution may not take as long as it used to.

So I ask… what’s next?


4 Responses to Social Media is Great, But What’s Next?

  1. Patrick Sullivan says:

    I think what’s next is pretty clearly a full integration with the browser.

    No need to login to facebook …instead facebook is present on every single page, even ones you’ve never been to. You get there and immediately have reviews and recommendations from people you know and trust.

    Social media would then drive page views in an unprecedented way, perhaps even surpassing traditional search (already has for heavily shared sites like Perez Hilton).

    That is why facebook would be so willing to redesign more openly, scrapping some of its long held beliefs in the process, to take on Twitter head on. There’s only so much space on websites for social features, and right now Facebook Connect, Google Friend Connect, and Twitter are the leading candidates to control the social future.

    • isaacbearg says:

      Interesting stuff Pat, I think we’re definitely moving towards more and more integration. I guess my wonder though is what does a marketer to do to move the dial towards their company when i already have reviews of the product sitting right on my browser when i look at the product. Maybe the real marketing work will turn towards research before one launches a product, making sure the product really is top notch and meets a specialized need… wouldn’t that be something.

  2. Sara says:

    backlash. i think there will be a large opt-out movement as a result of the over socialization of all internet media and corporate digital properties. the pendulum will swing from one extreme to another i think. but i’m a highly cynical nasty person 😉

  3. Taster B says:

    They all need to get on facebook or twitter first… I think the companies who put themselves out there to give customers a venue to vent (or praise!) will come out ahead for a while but, the real trick will be finding a way to quantify and track customer feedback and integrate it into their Business Intelligence in a meaningful way…

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