I Hate Business Analogies

could it be that simple?

Could it be that simple?

The other day Rohit Bhargava tried to make an analogy in regards to brands using social media.

His point was that you shouldn’t be Batman and try to have a utility belt of social media tools with everything and everything. You should be a cowboy and focus on the one tool thats best for you (like a cowboy and his gun) and be very good at it.

I commented that while its true you don’t want to be Batman you don’t want to be a one tool cowboy either. The key was finding the tools that worked for your brand and putting the effort and energy behind making those you do choose successful.

For what it’s worth Rohit basically agrees with me, but as I sat around thinking about what to write tonight I thought maybe it would interesting to find a better analogy for what your brand is if its not Batman or a cowboy.

The answer I came up with is, your brand is… YOUR BRAND.

put quite simply you wouldn’t put out a shitty tv ad just to get yourself on tv or put out shitty packaging because well we need to put it in something. You take the time to make something you think is good (whether it is or not YOU at least think it is). So the same goes for social media, if you’re going to do it take the time and effort to make it good, because like it or not it represents your brand.

In a similar vain I previously wrote about how PR Journalist relations would be a lot better if we didn’t think of them as a car manufacturer and supplier or as pizza delivery guy and their customers but simply treat each other as people.

So the point of all this? In business most analogies are incomplete at best.

We like them because they relate us back to more interest concepts (like Batman) or put them into simple constructs that we know better. However, if we just keep things simple (brands as brands, people as people) I think we can eliminate the need for those analogies and describe things in a more accurate and complete manner that’s not hard to understand either.


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