Under Armor: Showing Sponsorships Still Work

Sponsorships are under attack. Barney Frank in particular is on a crusade against them. (think Senator Mayers crusade against Jack Bauer/terrorism)

In many regards sponsorships deserve to be under attack. Sponsoring a golf tournament is fine, and there’s a plethora of cost effective options for activating it. Having a private concert, flying employees out in first class, putting them up at luxury hotels and giving guests expensive watches? Probably not necessary for a company taking TARP money.

However, this is about an example of a sponsorship that I think is extremely effective. Under Armor’s sponsorship of the NFL combine. (Admittedly this is not timely, but I’ve been meaning to write this entry for awhile and I’ll be brief).

Under Armor not only sponsors the event, but gives out a plethora of gear to each of the participants as Darren Rovell chronicals.

So not only are you getting your name all over the event, and all over everything the athletes are wearing at the event itself, but you’re getting your gear in the hands of the people who in a few years people will be killing to wear their stuff.

Assuming you have a quality product this is a very good thing.

I dunno about you but i can’t really think of a much better marketing program for Under Armor then this… well, unless the NFL Network actually found a way to get itself on the major cable networks it’s NOT on.


One Response to Under Armor: Showing Sponsorships Still Work

  1. DK says:

    Click Clack!

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