How concerned are you with your image?

Would you purchase this t-shirt?

Would you purchase this t-shirt?

Sprite would tell you image is nothing.

Personal brand experts would tell you image is everything.

My question is not specifically how important you think image is because like most things its probably somewhere in the middle. No, my question is more about what do you do and what don’t you do because you’re thinking of your image?

Some examples might be not posting on a blog topic. I could easily have shied away from posting my beliefs on marijuana laws, but I think given that it’s a multi-billion dollar business it was worth the risk to add another voice to the discussion.

Similarly today I commented on this blog about tax policy. I even shared the entry I wrote on the topic. It would have been very easy to say nothing and not risk getting into what some might view as an argument or to be proven wrong. After all I very much respect Aaron’s opinion and want him to respect mine so saying nothing or just agreeing is much easier.

However if I didn’t put myself out there its likely I wouldn’t learn much about the issue.

Similarly in order to build an image you have to start contributing to the conversation.

Yet many times I don’t comment on something because of how it will make me look. And sometimes I won’t argue hard enough on something at work because I don’t want to be disrespectful.  So on occasion I don’t do things I probably should because of image concerns.

On other occasions I  refrain from writing angry comments or saying stupid things though because I again pause and think about my image.

Clearly sometimes we don’t do things or we do things because of image and sometimes its good, sometimes its not.

So my question again is how much do you think about image before you act and what do you do or not do because of it?


One Response to How concerned are you with your image?

  1. I enjoyed our conversation on my blog today immensely – even if we don’t agree on the issue at hand people who have manners are always welcome. I’m glad that I have such thoughtful readers as you 🙂

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