Quick PR Thoughts on A-Rod

I’m getting over a cold so I’m going to keep this brief.

Of all the people who lost in this whole debacle one could argue the biggest loser was the PR industry.

A-Rod had not just a pr guy or two, he had a full team of them. He had ample time to prepare for his press conference and yet he came out with a prepared statement. He came out with a prepared statement that was quite frankly a little unbelievable. Now it’s possible everything he said was true, but certain things like oh we were young, we were 23-24 (when you were 28 at the time you said you used it) and we didn’t know what we’re taking; even if it’s true are people really going to believe you?

Now you can say all the different things about it. As a fan I’m ready to move on, but having had all those PR people not only hired but there at the press conference and this is the best they could do? You have to ask and lots of people have… what was he paying for?

So as I said I think a strong case can me made that of all the people who lost out here the PR industry was one of the biggest losers.

In the meantime i’m going to go drink more tea, eat more garlic and broccli and chew more zicam, because honestly who has times for colds?

For more on a-rod you might wanna check out two great links from Darren Rovell:

Barkley should be A-rod’s Role Model +

He shares a letter from a PR consultant on how A-Rod moves on.


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