So You’re Unemployed, Now What?

The Economy sucks.

I’m not breaking any new ground here, everyone knows it. If you’re one of the countless people currently unemployed I’d like to offer you suggestions on how to find one, but there are much more qualified people for that.

However as someone who’s taken awhile to find his last two jobs. I’m hoping I can help you make this time suck a little less.

So here are a three tips for activities you can do in addition to your job search that will hopefully help.

  1. Work on your body- You overweight? You scrawny? Well there’s really no reason you can’t find time to excercise or get to the store to by some healthy food. I’m 5’3 when I got laid off my last job I was 166 lbs, I started working out daily and eating better and 10 months later I have a job and i’m 141-2 lbs. Somewhere in the range of 25 lbs lost and I never workout more then 40 minutes in a day nor do I starve myself. I started a routine that i’m able to maintain even as I work.
  2. Invest in skills- business school or law school might be nice, but in reality you’ll probably gain as much an advantage if you just pickup a copy of a Rosetta Stone CD. So learn a language, learn how to bartend (could be a short term job) learn how websites work, learn how social media marketing works, just learn something.
  3. Read- It’s very easy to get caught up in your search in learning a new skill and working out. When you’re not doing those things its very easy to just watch TV or play video games. Take this time to read. Fiction is fun, but I prefer non-fiction.  It’ll make you more interesting at cocktail parties if nothing else, but maybe if you read some blogs or business books etc, it’ll actually help you learn something. If you go so far as picking up a book it’ll even save your eyes the strain of looking at a TV and computer monitor all day.

There are so many other things you can do, get involved in volunteer work, or other part time projects, etc etc etc.

The key is unfortunately that you may have to accept your job search won’t be short. So search vigorously but do other things, persue other interests, and when the right job comes along you’ll look back at what a useful time off this has been not what a wasted time it was.


One Response to So You’re Unemployed, Now What?

  1. Unemployed leaves more time to watch tv and eat ramen noodles

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