How does any celebrity not have a blog?

If the Big Cactus is on Twitter, why aren't you?

If the Big Cactus is on Twitter, why aren't you?

I read this article the other day about the suns getting involved in social media. and i also read an article about a bills player being on twitter and having a blog. My thought was not, that’s great, but simply how can every any celebrity not have a blog?

I know, they’re busy. I know, they’re not the best writers. I know they’re always on the go and I know they want their privacy.

But as Shaq said, ‘there’s a lot of websites out there pretending to speak for you, with this tool I’m speaking for myself’ with the tool he’s talking about being twitter in this case.

Think about the volume of writing and coverage given to celebrities every day.  While you can try to get your story out there in response to all of them it’s probably not going to be very effective.

On the other hand if you’re having daily or even weekly interactions with fans you now have a connection with them and don’t have to wait till a crisis occurs to get your story out. If you’re interacting with fans they’ll actually like you, and we tend to give a lot more leaway in bad times to brands and people we like.

So get on twitter, get a blog, heck hire someone to maintain it for you with your input. The moral of the story is if you’re a celebrity and you’re not taking a little time  interacting with your fans, what are you doing?


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