The Lamest Question You Can Ask

Have we found a lamer question then how's the weather?

Have we found a question worse then 'how's the weather?'

There’s a question out there right now and I guarantee you’ve heard it. Its been asked by reporters of all kinds to business people of all kinds around the country and probably the world. You may in fact have asked this question yourself but it’s lame, very very lame and I want you to know what it is.

In order for a question to be lame it really only needs meet two basic criteria.

  1. Is it being asked often? Just because you ask it to a person who may not have been asked it before does not make the question itself original.
  2. Is it likely to be an obvious answer? People probably don’t ask for the Yankees what color their pinstripes because it kinda goes without saying.

So what’s the lamest question you can ask nowadays???

How’s the economy affecting your business?

I don’t think I really need to write more. Not too many people will argue with me that its asked constantly as of late. It’s almost replaced ‘How’s the weather?’ lately.   The answer might not seem as obvious but really what are 99% of business going to say? Oh the economy’s really been greeeeeat for our business.

So I ask you, what are the other really lame questions out there and what other criteria am I missing?


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