Adventures in Social Media (Ford Edition)

Looking forward to some MORE good stuff from Ford

Looking forward to some MORE good stuff from Ford

As I complete only my second week writing this blog I’ve learned quite a bit.

The other day DCsportsguy wrote on twitter “Meeting lots of smarter people than me doing really smart stuff. Hope the osmosis works”

My thought was: that’s great. One of the best things about social media is getting to interact with people who know more then you. They may or may not be smarter then you but in some area they have a vast knowledge set that exceeds yours.

That brings me to Ford. I was researching Ford for my day job, so I went to their website and noticed the only mention of social media was about their rss feeds for their press release. So I offhandedly asked on twitter was this their idea of social media?

Within HALF AN HOUR I got a response from Scott Monty of Ford saying that it was simply one part of their larger plan. I was impressed. Think about this, one of the largest companies in the US is responding to a twitter account with currently 20 followers within half an hour.

This means they’re listening to what people have to say about them. This means they’re responding to potential customers and the “media”.

It means hey… they’ve got a twitter account on their behalf, they’ve also got a blog, in addition to the RSS feeds. Other car companies may or may not be doing the same thing (i honestly don’t know), but that doesn’t take away from the fact it’s great Ford is doing this.

So I apologized to Scott and engaged him further. I asked shouldn’t that be featured more prominantely (so social media novices like myself will know about it)? He said they’re working on incorporating it better and launching some new initiatives that will do that including revamping The Ford Story.

I look to forward to learning more about these in the future.

I also asked him about their marketing and why I seemed to see so many ads for the F-150 when the trend seemed to me to be towards smaller cars. He explained the F-150 is the number one selling vehicle in the US for the last 27 years, the launch had been late so it’s possible the media push had been ramped up and with the competition from the Ram and Silverado it was warranted. Additionally he explained they are moving more of their production mix towards cars/crossovers. This is the abbreviated explanation, but call me gullible: it all made sense to me.

So now I’m following Scott on Twitter. Today I learned from him that the Ford Fusion hybrid got praise from US Today saying it was the best hybrid yet. Probably not something I would have known if not for him.

What’s my point? Well it’s not really about Ford although I did want to give them credit where credit is due. The point is as I said earlier: Social Media allows us to engage in people much smarter then us in some area. Scott’s probably smarter then me in at least two ways: social media and the car industry. Now that I engaged him and he engaged me back, I’m smarter for it and hopefully I’ve contributed something to him as well.

Are you engaging people who are smarter then you?


One Response to Adventures in Social Media (Ford Edition)

  1. DK says:

    This is really cool. Maybe you should have told him to hook you up with a sweet Ford Marketing job. It definitely shows the power of social media, and proves that by interacting with me you are definitely getting smarter!

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