Do You Take Time To Smile?

This might seem a little fuffy or a lame attempt at a Seth Godin type post but it was on my mind so bare with me and tell me what you think:

We have a lot of reasons to be serious people. Whether it’s the economy or the situation in Israel, your job, family problems or whatever else might be on your mind its very easy to go through an entire day or even week without so much as a smile.

Hope This Picture Helps

Hope This Picture Helps

Even with the things we “enjoy” like sports, politics, blogging or even shopping (for the women out there) it can be very easy to take them too seriously on any given day. Oh man our team lost, or gosh darn it I missed out on the deal on that great handbag.

As it is so very easy to not to smile I think we need to take a little time every day to consciously focus on smiling. Decide for a time period of at least ten minutes that you’re going to just simply focus on enjoying something.

I usually turn to Comedy Central. I watch the Daily Show and Colbert Report and if I’m sufficiently de-stressed I’ll go to bed, if not I’ll take a few minutes get in bed and just focus on enjoying something like South Park or Sportscenter for a few minutes. I stop analyzing the games, stop worrying about the world politics and just enjoy.

So I ask: Do you take time to smile every day and what do you do during that time? Or do you not think its necessary?


4 Responses to Do You Take Time To Smile?

  1. dilenn says:

    I’ve enjoyed your posts, and was going to add a rousing “hear, hear” to your post about overreacting. Then I noted your reference here to shopping (“for the ladies out there”). Careful, big guy, your lady readers are also business people, city council memebers, investors, sports fans and yes, big time bloggers. Some of us think handbags are highly overpriced and overrated. And someone besides women is buying all the menswear and male cosmetics out there. It ain’t me! So keep thinking, keep observing, and keep critiquing. And be careful of pigeonholing your readers and making broad-sweep assumptions that marginalize us. Now, smile!

    • isaacbearg says:

      Excellent comment Diane as I fully deserve the criticism there. I did not mean to slight women who as you said are absolutely business people, council members etc. I was definitely generalizing but even in my generalization i hope you’ll understand i was speaking of a post work habit that I’ve noticed (from personal observation only) women enjoy at a greater rate then men. It was in no way meant to demean them as business people, to demean their work abilities or their status as great members of our society. Admittedly though it does come off as somewhat marginalizing. So Again thanks for the comment as its definitely on point and i hope to hear more in the future. 🙂

  2. Alec says:

    I’ll add an unqualified ‘hear, hear.’ I’ll just add that psychological studies of facial affect have shown that activating facial muscles associated with specific emotions (the smile muscles for happiness/amusement, frown muscles for sadness/anger) actually trigger the physiological responses associated with those emotions.

  3. […] a week or so ago I got a comment from a woman saying my comment about women liking shopping was somewhat offensive and marginalizing. While I […]

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