General Mills: I’m Missing The Connection

A Hearty Breakfast?

A Hearty Breakfast?

I picked up a box of Total Raisin Bran yesterday because I’m trying to eat healthy and it’s pretty healthy. When I got home I looked a little closer at the box and saw they had a special picture and statement. The statement said, 2 million dollars has been donated this year to the Susan G Komen foundation for the cure. As a person who lost a sister at the age of 18 to cancer I thought well that’s nice.

As a marketer and consumer I said: wait, I’m missing the connection.

Whether I buy 5 boxes or none the same amount will have been donated (from what I can tell anyways). Wouldn’t they be better served to do something along the lines of for every box we’ll donate 25 cents to curing cancer?

If they want maybe they even ask you to punch in a code on their website in order to make the donation. Thus driving web traffic and giving them an opportunity for name capture.

Now lets be honest chances are that promotion is not going to make me choose Raisin Bran over Cheerios but it might make me choose Total over Post right? I get my cereal and a good feeling about having actually done something to donate to cancer. General Mills increases sales and Susan G Komen gets money to help cure cancer.

Everybody wins… or am I missing something?


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